The world is changing, or dare we say - moving - in new directions.

billboard ads are now presented on giant LED screens and newspaper ads have been replaced with site banners.

let’s get moving

The way a brand moves is just as noticeable as a brand’s look and sound

Motion contributes to its recognizability, and should be defined accurately.

Adding a new digital chapter to your ‘traditional’ brand book to help define your brand in motion.

Here’s how
it’s done

Check you out
We examine your brand’s existing visual assets
Get creative
We create an animation system for those assets
Presentation of motion assets in the form of an online digital guide-book

This is what you get

online digital guide-book

A new chapter for your brand book in the form of an online digital guide-book, equipped with all the dos and don’ts for your brand in motion

open files

Open files for logo, intros and outros and any other moving assets created for your brand

moving templates

5 moving templates for brand assets such as Instagram stories, e-mail signature, employee wanted ads

Here are some examples of really cool motion guidelines

Coming Soon
Coming Soon

Lets get your
brand in motion

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